Happy Valentines Day — Instantly

“Creativity is the sudden cessation of stupidity.”—Edwin Land

I have been in love with instant photography since the introduction of the original Polaroid camera by Edwin Land in 1948. OK I was just a kid at the time and my first real Polaroid camera was the slick SX-70 in 1972 and I had that camera a long, long time.

When Mary and I had our studio, we used a NPC Polaroid back for Hasselblad and took the late Leon Kennamer’s advice to always make the first shot of a session using that back and then handing the photograph subject asking. “how do you like you hair?” If you’re not doing that using the your camera’s LCD, you should. Nowadays my instant camera is a Fuji Mini 90 Neo Classic but I have to tell you these new retro instant cameras from the Impossible Project have me interested. For example…

Cameras make great gifts, for Valentines Day or any day. The Impossible Polaroid 600 Cool Cam costs $157.99 and is offered in a variety of 80’s-style color combinations; the bright red and black version looks like the perfect choice for capturing Valentine’s Day photographs of your significant other. It accepts 600-Type instant film, has a single-element 106mm f/14- f/42 lens that focuses from two-feet to infinity (with adapter) and has a shutter speed range of 1/3-1/200th Second

Polaroid film was always expensive and the B&R Film for 600 Duochrome is no exception costing $24.49 yet produces eight gorgeous instant black and red photos with matte black frames. For use in Polaroid 600 type cameras and Impossible I-type cameras. Images start to emerge within a minute. Full development takes 5-10 minutes.

The current film renaissance that we’re experiencing, I strongly believe was spurred by the instant photography phenomenon from Fuji Instax and the Impossible Project mainly because it’s fun. Make an instant photography of your sweetheart today,.

Author: Joe Farace

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