Glamour Photography with Mirrorless Cameras

danielle.setupYou may be interested in trying glamour photography but think it’s too difficult and requires lots of expensive equipment but all you really need is a camera and a subject. Lately, I’ve been experimenting with using mirrorless cameras for studio portraiture.

Lighting was provided by a pair of Limelight Mosaic LED light panels. I decided to use an umbrella with the Mosaic and mounting it required a Manfrotto 026 Swivel Umbrella Adapter that attaches between the light panel and stand, providing a lockable receptacle to mount an umbrella.

danielle.BWFor this the glamour image of Danielle, I placed a Mosaic with a 33-inch white umbrella at camera right and another Mosaic behind the subject at camera left. Background was a Savage Monsoon, two-sided backdrop. I used Panasonic Lumix G5 with 14-42mm lens (at 36mm) and shot in color but used Silver Efex pro to convert to monochrome.

During the session the real advantage of using a mirrorless camera with electronic viewfinder became immediately apparent. When you click the shutter, the image you just made is visible in the viewfinder. You don’t have to remove the camera from your eye and “chimp” on the back of the camera. You see it right away, which means you see blinks right away and can make refinements in the pose, lightning and exposure.

Author: Joe Farace

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