Getting Started with Photographing Models

taku.wescottD5You may be interested in trying to photograph models but think that it’s difficult, you need lots of expensive equipment, or that models are hard to find. As Señor Wences once famously said, “Is difficult for me, is easy for you.” This could apply to model photography too if you don’t know an f-stop from a shortstop but it’s going to much less difficult if you’ve been shooting with an SLR or mirrorless camera for a while and are familiar the photographic basics including focus and exposure. If that latter description fits, you’re ready to make your first model photograph.

Finding Models: Next to how to pronounce my name the next question that people ask me where do I find models. If you have a website be sure to include a Model Search pages (here’s mine) and provide detailed information for models. If you offer free test shoots and require a model release be sure to specify that as well so there’s no surprises on the day of the shoot. If nothing else, provide a CONTACT page on your website where potential models can reach you.

MM.siteIf you don’t have or can’t afford a website check out the many inexpensive portfolio sites on the Internet, such as Model Mayhem, where I found the model featured today, or One Model Place, that allow you to post images and some of them even have options that lets you post a small portfolio for free.

Use available light: Don’t worry about lighting. I’ve kind of beaten this subject to death on this site but you can read a succinct post “Three Reasons for Shooting Glamour with Available Light.” But if you poke around here and our sister site, Mirrorless Photo Tips, you’ll find others.

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For more information on how I shoot glamour and boudoir images, pick up a copy of my book “Joe Farace’s Glamour Photography,” it includes tips and tricks and techniques for shooting with inexpensiveness and simple equipment.

Author: Joe Farace

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