Film Friday: New Monochrome Instant Film

pola1Earlier this year, The Impossible Group released test instant films for 600 and SX-70 cameras that featured monochromatic emulsions in cyan and magenta called Cyanograph and Magentatype films. Impossible has decided to develop these films as part of its standard range of products called Cyan and Magenta 600 Monochrome for Polaroid 600 cameras and the Instant Lab.

These are the first in a new series of Impossible monochrome and duochrome color films that offer a twist on conventional B&W and color films. Impossible Cyan 600 Monochrome and Magenta 600 Monochrome can be shot in any

pola2Polaroid 600-type camera or in Polaroid SX-70-type cameras, providing a neutral density filter is used. Cyan 600 Monochrome and Magenta 600 Monochrome will be available on Wednesday October 22, from the Impossible Online Shop and selected resellers worldwide.

The Impossible Group, whose creative headquarters are in Berlin, Germany, offers a wide range of color and B&W films for Polaroid SX-70, 600 and Image-Spectra cameras, large-format 8 x10, and its own-branded hardware, such as the Instant Lab – which enables digital images on an iOS or Android smart phone or table to be converted into instant photographs.

Author: Joe Farace

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