Crank Up the Idea Machine

The Emperor, Star Wars

One trait that sets successful pros from their competition is they are “idea people.” Some of these ideas may be great and some maybe not so great but for these people there always seems to be an endless supply of  new directions, markets or methods for improving  ways of doing things. But ideas are ephemeral and sometimes last as long as a gust of wind–then they’re gone.

Photography operations live and blossom on new ideas and you can practice generating new ideas like you can improve your golf swing with the right tools and preparation Just as good luck is  opportunity colliding with preparedness, generating new ideas for your business can become a daily activity.

DW90Plant the seed,  don’t force it. The best ideas come when your mind is relaxed. Your subconscious is working on the problem when you’re sitting in a comfortable chair just talking a break. Walking is a great idea generator. Every afternoon, I take a three-mile walk with nary a thought in my head but “walking ideas,” as Mary  calls them, often pop into my head and I can’t wait to get back into the office. The shower is another one of my “idea factories.” Putting your brain into neutral, whether walking or washing seems to allow those ideas lurking in the back of your mind to come to the forefront.

Hardware/software can help. Instead of dashing back to the office, hoping I’ll remember all of my walking ideas, I take a pocket recorder along to capture ideas when they pop up. (Don’t take it into the shower, but you can keep it handy.) I use an old Olympus DW-90 voice recorder but and inexpensive (99¢) iPhone app like Recorder will record memos, discussions, interviews, and ideas on your iPhone.

Author: Joe Farace

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