Chimping, Batteries and Battery Life

“Chimps that are insecure may read lots of things into harmless situations. “—Steve Peters

It’s no secret that using Live View or chimping puts extra drain on your digital DSLR’s batteries and while OEM batteries do a good job that has not always been my experience with third-party replacement batteries. At least until I tested Hahnel’s Extreme Li-Ion Batteries. These battery’s rugged and precision construction are clearly designed for pros.


Hahnel claims an average increase of 25% more shots as well as extended live view time over Canon (E6 or E8) or Nikon’s (EL-14 or EL-15) OEM batteries. In building these batteries, Hahnel uses Panasonic cells, generally considered to be “the best,” and prior to finishing production, they inject silicon into the battery’s inner cavity, making it able to handle cold and hot weather shooting environments. On top of that, each battery has a two part rubberized outer cover that lets it to pass a 32-feet drop test.

You can charge the batteries using Hahnel’s ProCube Professional Twin Charger that’s also compatible with Canon E6, E8 and Nikon EL14 EL15 and their Hahnel Extreme replacements. It can charge one or two batteries simultaneously and can also charge four AA batteries simultaneously. The AA tray can then be used to store the AA batteries when not in us. Barry Staver and I are co-authors of Better Available Light Digital Photography that’s out-of-print with new copies available from Amazon for $19.95 (non-Prime) or used copies for giveaway prices, only $7 as I write this.


Author: Joe Farace

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