Celebrating Wordy Wednesday #200


It all began a little more than two years ago when Canon Blogger Jason Anderson and I were having breakfast at a Denver restaurant and discussing our websites and social media. During these brainstorming sessions we could constantly bounce ideas off one another and on this particular day he introduced me to the concept of Wordless Wednesday in which the only information posted on a blog for that day would be a photograph.

Having been at the blogging game for more than five years and writing five new posts a week, the idea of a taking a mid-week break appealed to me and I decided to put my own spin on it by declaring that these would be images “that were previously unpublished.”

Well, that concept worked OK for six month or so but I was never able to get the hang of the “wordless” part and felt the need—compulsion?—to add some words. At first it was in the form of a caption and then it became an extended caption and that’s when I decided to change the name to Wordy Wednesday.

The first Wordless Wednesday post was on March 14, 2013 so here we are almost two years later and I thought the only way I could properly celebrate this day was with a portrait of my wife Mary. Because she is the reason I get up every day and why I find that life is worth living. And so, Mary this 200’th really Wordy Wednesday is dedicated to you.

Author: Joe Farace

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