Best Buy on High Quality Monolights?

portalite.kitI think so anyway…

One of the best buys available now for studio or location shooting is Elinchrom D-Lite RX One 2 Flash Head kit. It includes two 100 Watt second monolights, two 26×26-inch Portalite softboxes, lightstands and accessories. The flash heads have a built-in Skyport Wireless Receiver and the kit includes a Skyport Speed Transmitter that provides 8-channel wireless triggering. Also included is 16-foot sync cable (back-up,) a carrying case and a bag that holds the two D-Lite RX One heads and two softboxes

Oh no Mr. Bill, I can hear you saying: one hundred measly Watt seconds. I need more power! Maybe you do and maybe you don’t, If you shoot portraits you may be interested to know that the exposure for the example shown is 1/125 sec at f/16 and ISO 200. Got it? F/16 at ISO 200 from a measly 100 Ws. Not so bad and it’s all built to the same Swiss design as other Elinchroms, although I don’t think it’s made there. (Maybe I’m wrong.)

The Elinchrom D-Lite RX One Flash Head is a 100Ws auto-sensing, multi-voltage monolight that recognizes any AC power source from 90-260VAC, allowing power variability over 5.0 stops in one-tenth stop increments. Recycling is a fast 0.5-2.1 sec with flash durations as short as 1/1,100 sec at full power.

portalite.pamThe built-in EL Skyport can handle 4 distinct groups of flashes and the included transmitter not only allows you to trigger your flash at distances up to 393-feet but lets you control power on/off, modeling light functions and Speed Sync activation

The monolights are umbrella friendly with Elinchrom having solved the dilemma of European spec (7mm) vs. American (8mm) incompatible shaft sizes. The receptacle inside a D-Lite RX One accepts 7mm shafts but umbrellas with 8-10mm shafts can use the external fitting on the monolight’s stand mount. Kudos to Elinchrom for bridging this problem with a solution that lets you use anybody’s umbrella no matter where it was made. The softbox kit includes speed rings but not reflectors so if you decide you want to use umbrellas standard reflectors ($46.99) are available

I tested this kit a while ago for Shutterbug and am currently making big changes in my studio lighting setups, selling off the hodge-podge of lighting gear that I’ve been using up till now. When it’s all gone, the Elinchrom D-Lite RX One 2 Flash Head kit is at the top of the replacement list because of the overall build quality and currently affordable ($560) price. If I make the jump to Elinchrom, I’ll be sure to do a new post with some new images made with the kit.

Author: Joe Farace

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