Backing Up While Traveling

I like my Apple iPad and have written about how much so in Shutterbug. Recently, one of my readers asked if I would consider using it for use as a back-up while traveling and here’s what I told him:
When I travel I usually shoot many hundreds, sometimes thousands, of images so I prefer to take my MacBook Pro laptop with me along with a portable external drive, such as a Western Digital My Passport drive and each day copy all the images from the memory cards that I brought long with me onto the drive. I am so paranoid that I also take lots of big (I like large capacity memory cards) and don’t re-use them during the trip so that if the drive failed—it’s never happened so far—I could reconstruct all of the images that were made by copying them onto my MacPro desktop machine once I got home..
While on the road, I also use Adobe;s Bridge every day to sort all the images from that day’s take into different folders based on subject matter or the day I shot them. I also do a rough, preliminary edit getting rid of any obviously flawed images but I don’t dump any slightly over or underexposed images, just in case…
When I get back to the office I connect the portable drive to my MacPro desktop computer and copy all of them onto one of its four built-in high capacity drives. Then I burn a CD but these days probably a Blu-ray disc of all the images from the trip. The disc is then assigned a number from a searchable Microsoft Excel database of my archived discs and then stored in the basement. Only then do I feel comfortable enough to format the memory cards.
Whew! Sounds like a lot but that’s what I do for travel back-up.

Author: Joe Farace

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