At First Glance: Shanny SN600EX-RF Speedlights

shanny-seedlightOmegaBrandess is now the distributor of  Shanny speedlights including the SN600SC (Canon) & SN600SN (Nikon) TTL  and SN600EX-RF (Canon) and SN910EX-RF (Nikon) Radio Transceiver speedlights. Also available are  two compatible Radio Triggers with the SN-E3-RF TTL transceiver for Canon and the SN910-TX TTL transmitter for Nikon. When OmegaBrandess contacted me about reviewing a Shanny flash, I admitted that I was not familiar with the brand but I know that readers of this blog are always interested in speedlights, especially when I saw the specifications (see below) and price point—under $200.

I was impressed when opening the boxes that are themselves solidly built like an iPhone box but even more impressed when I looked at the speedlights. These appear to be solidly built flashes with a build quality that is close if not equal to speedlights produced by Canon or Nikon. They Shannys have lots of desirable features including a built-in optical slave, that Canon only recently got around to including, although that’s long been a feature of Nikon speedlights. It also has a threaded PC (Prontur-Compur) socket allowing me to plug in a Pocket Wizards using one of the cables bundled with the PWs. Then there is the whole built-in transceiver thing that makes these moderately priced flashes as state-of-theart as any camera brand speedlight.

SnE3RfThe SN600EX-RF for Canon (the SN600SC i-TTL Flash for Nikon) is a transceiver flash that allows the flash to be both a radio transmitter and receiver using 2.4gGhz technology. The $199.99 flash offers all the same functions as the SN600SC but adds the wireless radio feature with 15 channels and 3 groups, USB firmware upgrade capability and HSS up to 1/8000th. It also may be triggered with the SN-E3 RF TTL ($109.99) transceiver trigger/receiver. But how do they work? We—and you—will find out real soon now.

In Part II: Look for upcoming tests of the Shanny speedlights, first in the studio and then on location.

  • Specifications:
  • Guide Number: 197 (ISO100)
  • Wireless Flash: 2.4G radio wireless ETTL master unit, slave unit
  • High-speed sync: 1/8000s, Flash mode: ETTL/M/Multi
  • Trigger mode: On-camera flash, 2.4G RF wireless trigger, Light trigger S1,S2
  • Flash coverage: Auto,20-200mm (using wide angle dispersion plate is 14 mm)
  • Remote focal length: Yes, Remote flash brightness :Yes
  • Master unit flash: radio wireless
  • Slave unit flash: wireless slave 2.4G RF , Light trigger S1,S2
  • Shutter sync: High-speed sync, first-curtain sync, second-curtain sync
  • Flash exposure compensation: Yes, 1/3 gear incremental
  • Flash exposure bracketing: Yes, Flash exposure lock: Yes, Modeling Flash: Yes (on-camera), AF Assist: Yes
  • Manual Flash: 8 levels of output control (1/128~1/1), 1/3 gear incremental, Frequency flash: 1~199Hz
  • Recycle time: Quick flash less than 2s, ordinary flash less than 3s
  • Radio transmission distance: Up to 328-feet
  • Radio transmission channel:15 channel CH.1~CH.15, Flash light ratio: 8:1~1:1~1:8
  • Flash grouping: Support A/B/C flash group
  • External Interface: Hot-shoe, PC sync interface, external charging interface
  • Power supply: 4×AAsize batteries (Alkaline or Ni-MH )
  • Other functions: Custom function, overheating protection function, power saving mode, the voice prompt function
  • Size: 3.1 x 5.6 x 4.9-inches, Net weight: 14.8oz (not including battery)
  • Compatibility: Canon 1100D, 1200D,550D, 500D/T1i,350D, 600D,650D,700D,60D,70D,7D,7DII,6D,5D II,5DIII, 1D X/1D C

Author: Joe Farace

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