Analog Filters in a Digital World

bamboo2Even though you can create many kind of filter effects via software, that doesn’t mean you don’t need on-camera filters. Manfrotto now offers filters in three different series: Essential, Advanced, and Professional, including UV, Circular Polarizer, and Protection. Essential filters offer protection and a water repellent coating; Advanced filters offer a higher level of protection due to layers of antistatic coating. Each Professional filter is antistatic offering  high levels of dust repellence and ease of cleaning. Every filter features anti-reflective coating, with the number of layers varying from two to eight in the Essential collection on up to 12 layers in Advanced and Professional collections.

manfrotto.filterManfrotto filter are made in Japan in 52mm, 58mm, 62mm, 67mm, 72mm, 77mm and 82mm sizes and come with a storage case. The filters are available online at prices from $24.99-$169.99 depending on size. Here’s what I’m using in 52mm sizes:

Advanced UV Filter: The Manfrotto Ultraviolet filter blocks UV light from entering the lens eliminating blurring, haziness and blue casts. You can leave it on your lens to protect against dust, moisture and scratches. Manfrotto Advanced UV filter ($39.99) offers 12 layers of coating and is also water repellent.
Advanced Circular Polarizer: The CPL filter improves image quality by increasing contrast and saturation when photographing landscapes with blue skies against white clouds and reduces reflections when photographing water, glass and other reflective surfaces. CPL filters are available in all three collections, and the Advanced CPL F filter ($69.99) transmits 68.1% of light and includes 12 layers of coating.
Professional Protection Filter ($54.99) is antistatic protecting against dust, moisture and scratches. With 12 layers of coating, it offers a stronger anti-reflective surface, greater ease of cleaning, allows for 99.3% light transmission, and is oil resistant. It’s ideal for shooting outdoors or in dusty and/or wet environments.

Author: Joe Farace

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