An Indestructible Camera Case?

Pretty much. Pelican has been around for more than sixty years and have been famous for their rugged and waterproof camera cases.

Take their 1200 Case, for example. It’s made of Ultra High Impact structural copolymer and has been designed for larger cameras or lenses. It’s dust proof, crush proof, watertight ¼-inch O-ring seal, and stainless steel hardware. The 1200 has an automatic pressure equalization valve for quick equalization after changes in atmospheric pressure. The interior is lined with Pick N Pluck foam and the lid has a convoluted (“egg crate”) foam lid to add extra protection to your camera and gear and uses easy open Double Throw latches. It’ll even floats in salt water with a 7.94 pound load.It’s also available in a foamless version if you want to “roll your own.”

The 1200 case’s exterior dimensions are outside dimensions 10.75 x 9.75 x 5-inches depth while interior measures 9.25 x 7.12 x 4.12-inches Available in a variety of colors from basic black, silver, orange, yellow, olive drab, and desert tan depending on your taste and security needs. Pelican injection molded cases are guaranteed to be watertight to a depth of 3.3 feet for 30 minutes if properly closed with an undamaged o-ring in place. Pelican Products, Inc. guarantees its products for a lifetime against breakage or defects in workmanship. All that for a rugged case that costs less than 40 bucks.

Author: Joe Farace

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