Accessories For Night Time Photography

To make successful pictures under low light conditions, you’ll need a few extra non-photographic tools. Even though many cameras have backlit panels for their control LCDs, you’ll want a small LED flashlight so you can see the camera’s controls and be able to make all the proper settings. It sure beats working in the dark. I use a Applied Innovative Technologies’ NightStar LED flashlight that are made in Fort Lupton, Colorado but check out their website to see what different models are available.

It’s often cold during some of these nighttime sessions so my next favorite accessory is fingerless gloves that let me work with the camera while keeping my paws warm. I use a pair of woolies from Eastern Mountain Sports but these kinds of gloves are available in lots of outdoor stores.

Get a pair of mittens for your tripod too. Op/Tech USA’s Tripod Leg Wraps keeps cold metal legs under wraps and away from your skin. They also protect the legs against damage and give you added protection against shoulder fatigue. The affordable ($32.95) Tripod Leg Wraps are available in 1, 1¼ and 1½-inch diameter leg sizes.

If you’re serious about nighttime architectural photography you’ll also need a ladder, so why not get one with wheels such as Franzus’ Space-age polypropylene Travel Smart 3. It has a 300 lb. weight capacity for stepladder and doubles as 225 lb. weight capacity hand cart.  It’s indispensable not only for getting a little elevation during your next late night photo shoot but it’s also a less tedious way to schlep all that gear!

Author: Joe Farace

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