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NJoe.bladext year begins our fifth year of ‘Saving the World, One Pixel at a Time.’ That amounts more than 1000 blog posts but I didn’t do it alone, I had help including the one and only Mark Toal, who introduced me to the world of mirrorless photograph. I happen to believe that mirrorless cameras represent the future of photography and if you’re wondering what the fuss is all about, please visit the Mirrorless Photo Tips blog that Mark and I host.

Over these years other contributors have helped, including Jason Anderson, Peter K Burian, Skip Cohen, Barry Staver and Matt Staver. Many thanks to all of them for their help, I surely could not have done this alone. If you would like to contribute to the blog by sharing a tip or technique or tell us how you made a favorite photograph, click Contact and send me an e-mail and I’ll tell you how easy it is.

A special thank you to Tim Fiedler, who is the technical genius who pulls all the strings beg=hind the interface to make this blog and my other sites working and looking good. I’m looking forward his help in making the blog even better in 2015.

Cameras & CoffeeWe want to thank our sponsors at right. They help cover the cost of bandwidth, hosting and all the little expenses that goes along with keeping these sites and blogs on-line. If you can, please support their products.

Most of all I want to thank YOU for all your support over these past years. Without you I would have the energy to get up each day and make sure there’s something new to share each day. If you live in the Denver metro area please visit one of our Cameras & Coffee events so we can meet face-to-face and share the joy of photography. During 2015, I plan to expand these events into other states, so click on the Twitter icon and follow me to find out when I’ll be in your area. The first areas I’m looking at include Phoenix, Albuquerque and Salt Lake City…maybe more. I’m looking forwards to meeting with as many of you as possible in 2015.

Because of the success of my Portfolio Reviews for Charity during the holidays, I will be offering portfolio reviews during other parts of the year with 50% of the income form the reviews going to charity, in this case  the Children’s Tumor Foundation to help fight neurofibromatosis, a genetically-determined disorder that affects more than two million people worldwide.

Author: Joe Farace

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