7 Summer Photography Tips

Guest Post by Jason Anderson

As the seasons change, so do our shooting styles.  We have more hours in the day, and the themes seem to change with the season.  If you really want to keep your skills sharp, remember to adapt and change with the times and with that in mind, I’ve compiled a list of “Seven Summer Tips.”

  1. 7 Summer Photography TipsShoot early, shoot late – it’s the “Golden Rule” – and I think we all know about it, so this is just a reminder.
  2. Shoot often – seriously, the eye does not improve creatively without practice, so get out as often as you can
  3. Shoot outside your comfort zone – Like landscapes eh?  Shoot portraits, macros, or events.  Nothing gets creative juices flowing better than a challenge.
  4. Shoot lower than you stand – or higher – having a different perspective can make all the difference.
  5. Shoot with one lens – Preferably with a prime as this will force you to zoom with your feet.
  6. Shoot with a friend – nothing makes the post shoot high more gratifying than chimping your shots with a photo buddy.
  7. Shoot for yourself – often photographers are thinking of what clients want, what an editor would like to see, or what may sell well as stock.  While it’s true that money puts bread on the table, it’s liberating to shoot without the pressure of a paycheck.  Your results may surprise you.

Like these tips?  Visit Jason over at his website for more useful tips, tricks, articles, insights and more on how to make and take better photographs!

Author: Joe Farace

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