For years people asked if they could shoot with me. Now you can join me in a series of hands-on workshops on studio and infrared photography where you’ll see how I work and the cameras and lenses I use. You’ll learn to use techniques I’ve written about in magazines and books. During these informal but hands-on sessions you can ask questions and shoot photographs for your portfolio, for a fully interactive experience.

One-on-One Lighting Workshops. On Saturdays in May and June, 2016 in my home studio near Parker, CO

elinchrom2The hand-on three-and one-half hour workshop kicks off with a introduction to basic lighting techniques and then moves into demonstrations on how to use inexpensive studio lights to create portraits in the studio or on location. The workshop is tailored to your specific needs and photographic experience, so each one is different and fits beginner or aspiring pro alike.

Be sure to bring your camera—SLR or mirrorless—but this is not a “how to use your camera” workshop and you will get to shoot all of the lighting setups demonstrated. Between set-ups there will be critiques of the photographs you make. The fee is $199 or $225 with a model release. A useful handout with lighting & posing tips is included along with lifetime customer support via private e-mail.

Reserve your place today by clicking the Contact button and ask about available times/dates for these workshops.

Introductory Infrared at the Meadows. Saturdays in Summer 2016, look for dates soon. At McCabe Meadows in Parker, Colorado. It will be held at McCabe Meadows in Parker, Colorado and you don’t need an IR-converted camera to attend. It’s a two-hour hand-on workshop on making digital infrared images with your own cameras. We’ll kick off with a brief discussion of capture options, then we’ll walk around the park and make IR photographs. Each participant will be able to shoot using different kinds of filters for making infrared images with your own camera.


I’ll also demonstrate a comparison of images using filters with those made using a IR-converted. Please bring your camera—SLR or mirrorless—and a tripod because some of the filters will produce really slow shutter speeds. Fee is $50. Workshop is limited to a maximum and minimum of three participants. If you have any questions, click the Contact page and ask.

If you would like me to speak to your camera club, photo organization or convention, please read the Workshop FAQ, which contains answers to commonly asked questions. If it doesn’t answer your specific question, please click on Contact in the menu bar and ask. I’ll usually get back to you