Wordy Wednesday #157 “Crossing the Bridge”

Inspired by friend and blogger Jason Anderson, this ‘every Wednesday’ post was originally called “Wordless Wednesday” but I couldn’t help from adding a few words until the post became, well, wordy. Hence the current name Wordy Wednesday that I have been doing for 157 weeks now, as difficult as that is for me to believe. In the meantime enjoy today’s post and please visit Jasons’ Blog—Canon Blogger.


The above image is from my now out-of-print book “The Complete Guide to Digital Infrared Photography” (not my preferred title by the way) but copies are surprisingly available from Amazon. It’s from chapter four on ‘Capturing Options.’

This image was shot with a tripod mounted Fuji S20 pro with a Hoya R72 Infrared filter, which was at the time, the least expensive way to create IR image using filters. Exposure was 1/5 sec at f/2.8 and ISO 200. Image was digitally toned using Pixel Genius’ PhotoKit 2, one of the most useful Photoshop-compatible plug-ins available for the digital darkroom—it does lots more than just toning—and I use it every day.

If you prefer to shoot infrared with a IR-converted camera (which is my first choice), here’s a special offer for this blog’s readers: If you want to save money when converting your camera to infrared at LifePixel, use the coupon code “farace.” 

Author: Joe Farace

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