Wordy Wednesday #176 “Plugged in Pickup”

plugoin.truckLong time ago, my friend Rock Sammon dubbed me the “Plug-in King” and regular readers of this blog know that I like to use Photoshop-compatible plug-ins to enhance images. But these days, I would say my use of enhancement plug-ins is less than before but for some reason, this photograph of a pickup truck caused me to drag out some favorite plug-ins.

I started with the original images (seen be,ow) that was photographed with an Olympus E3 a Four-thirds (not Micro Four-thirds) camera and 14-35mm f/2.0 lens (at 16mm.) Exposure was q/40 sec at f/22 and ISO 200. It was captured using the camera’s monochrome mode.

truck.beforeThe first thing I did was enlarge the canvas size to give me additional space at the bottom of the frame. Then I filled that space using artificial water using Flaming Pear’s Flood plug-in. Next I brought it into Nik Vivenza and tweaked it hard with the Structure control to bring out the textures in the photograph. Then I used Pixel Genius’ Photokit 2 (I consider it my most indefensible plug-in) to dodge the area where the truck sits. Photokit 2 also offers toning option, so I applied the Platinum tone to warm up the mage giving it a more nostalgic feel. To warp up the nostalgia I added the Glamour Glow filter that’s party of Color Efex Pro.

Love it or hate it, I had fun making “Plugged in Pickup.”

Author: Joe Farace

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