Wordy Wednesday #159 “Photographing a Classic Buick”


Many digital SLRs have built-in monochrome modes and some even have modes (Canon calls’em Picture Styles” that enhance gray tones while making the rest of the colors look less vibrant producing and old-fashioned even hand-colored look in camera. I have an affection for classic Buick automobiles. This beautiful old Buick was custom built for the former Shah of Iran—that ain’t chrome, it’s silver—and is now in a private collection. It was photographed with a Canon EOS 50D in Nostalgia mode with an exposure of 1/40 sec at f 3.2 at ISO 800.

In addition to the Picture Styles that are built into Canon digital SLRs, you can download others from the company’s website and load them into internal slots that are reserved for “user defined” styles. The Nostalgia Picture Styles, for example, produces desaturated colors, except yellow for some reason, and works great for portraits and landscapes that, as its name implies, that evoke an earlier time. These are more austere tones that have reduced vividness and contrast create images with a distant, quiet feel.

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Author: Joe Farace

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