Wordy Wednesday #187 “Christmas Lights at City Hall”


I photographed Brighton Colorado’s city hall on a balmy Christmas night a few years ago using my old faithful Canon EOS 1D Mark II N. Tip: A good tripod must not only be steady to allow long exposures like this one, but the support should stay where you place it so that bracketed images can be combined and remain in register.

This nighttime photograph of the Brighton Colorado’s City Hall was made using Gitzo Carbon 6X Mountaineer Reporter is actually combination of two exposures: The first (covering everything from right of the large tree on the left side) was eight seconds @ f/13 at an ISO of 200. The second was made at 2.5 seconds because the tree and city hall sign were too overexposed.

Gitzo’s 6X s Mountaineer tripods use a carbon fiber tube that’s made of six crossed layers that maximizes rigidity, and absorb vibration. The 6X tubes have a high-density structure made of ultra-thin (0.007 mm) carbon fibers and have a built-in Anti Leg Rotation feature.

Author: Joe Farace

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