Wordy Wednesday #136 “ Sources of Inspiration”


Photographers get inspiration for their images from many different and different kinds of places. One of my friends finds it in old world master’s paintings; I get a lot the inspiration for many of my photographs from the movies. Recently I watched (for the umpteenth time) Frank Capra’s 1937 classic Lost Horizon and was struck not just by the cinematography but by all of the still images that were shot on 4×5 film and used to illustrate a “making-of” video on the DVD. This was truly the golden age of Hollywood still photography.

The above photograph was was shot with a compact digital camera but what I saw on the LCD screen immediately caused the Russian film Solaris (not the George Clooney version.) There are several scenes of a planet’s—Solaris—surface in which swirling grasses are seen and it was those scenes that inspired me to make this images.

Author: Joe Farace

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