Wordy Wednesday #437: “Point & Shoot Macro”


Good ideas and good cameras never die.  Case in point: The Konica Minolta DiMage Xt. I loved this little 3.2-megapixel and found it the ideal camera to carry when traveling. (See my post on travel photography tips on Monday’s blog.) What is more than amazing to me is that here is a camera that was introduced in 2003 by a company no longer making cameras and you can still buy re-manufactured versions for around $25. This is an ideal camera to give to a kid that’s interested in photography and I did so back in the day and that young person today is a professional photographer in Portland.

The above photograph was shot with a Minolta DiMage Xt on the campus of the University of Massachusetts during the annual NECCC conference. Exposure was 1/180 sec at F/8 ad ISO 160.

Author: Joe Farace

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