New Blog Feature: Garage Sale

We just added a new feature to the blog called Garage Sale.

Just as it’s name implies, this new section of the blog is a place where I will be selling unused or unneeded equipment. Instead of taking a chance on buying from strangers on eBay or Craig’s List. From time to time, I’ll be posting gear for sale at fair prices that will be available for purchase via shipping by USPS/FedEx for people outside Colorado or via face-to-face pickup for those within the state.


And I”ll got the extra step of providing all kinds of information , not only on condition but also on important data such as shutter actuations, including using special software to extract it from Canon EOS cameras. And initially most of the cameras will be Canon EOS digital SLR and a few speedlights too. Be sure to check Garage Sale on a weekly basis to check out any new gear that gets posted for sale.

Condition: When it comes to caring for photo equipment, there are three kinds of photographers: This first group are the Oscar Madisons of photography. At the opposite extreme is (obviously) Felix Unger. Between these two extremes lie most of us, but I will confess to Unger-like impulses about caring for my photo equipment. You can read about this more, along with some tips on cleaning lenses, on my car photography blog.

Author: Joe Farace

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