Model Monday: Working with Modeling Agencies

This is part three in an ongoing Model Monday series on “How to Find Glamour Models.”

Secret Number 3: Work with Agencies. Contact every modeling agency in your town and tell them that you can provide free or low cost test shoots for new and aspiring models. Don’t be surprised if they aren’t interested in working with glamour photographers. The truth is that most aren’t but after contacting every agency in my area I found two who were interested but only one ever sent me models. But they continued to send me models for many years and every now and then I still get models calls or e-mails from models who were referred by that agency. If I hadn’t asked and followed it up with personal visits to their booking agent, I wouldn’t have photographed that model at left.

lizTo get the agency interested, I also ask the agent if they would like a CD of the images from the shoot. Sometimes they do, sometimes they don’t but if any of your sessions end up producing a tear sheet, they get really interested and the name of the game is reminding they agency that your still here and looking for models.So I always pick an image from the shoot and sent a 5×7 print to the agency so they can see what the kinds of images I shot with their model.

I also give the new and aspiring models the agency sends a CD (or DVD) of all images made during the test shoot. They can take the CD to anyplace and get inexpensive prints made for their portfolios. Some photographers only provide a few, edited images from test shoots like this, but I like give them everything because it’s a more of a fair trade, and they are more likely to want to shoot with you again.

Working with agencies is the best way to find glamour models but is is one way and when combined with all of the other suggestions that I’ve made—and will continue to make—in this series it’s a useful tool for finding glamor models and I found two of the very best models I ever worked with this way. So I know it works. Give it a try.

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Author: Joe Farace

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