Micro Four-thirds – Remote Shooting with Wi-Fi

special guest post by Mark Toal

More and more cameras are including a built in Wi-Fi connection for remote shooting and transferring files to a tablet or smartphone that will eventually be uploaded to social media sites. Even though I’m not quite sure how this is going to fit into my personal photography I thought I’d better learn how the process works. I remember that I couldn’t imagine what I would need an iPhone or iPad for when they came out and now I can’t imagine myself without one.

GH3 and iPad

Here are a couple of photos and a link to a video showing how I made the connection to shoot remotely from an iPad. This will also work from an Android phone or tablet. You just need the Panasonic Lumix Link App if you’re using a Lumix camera. On the Lumix GH3 there is a button on top on the camera that you push to establish the Wi–Fi link. Then you go to the network settings in your mobile device and click on the camera in your list of available networks. Enter the password that the camera shows you on its LCD display and launch the App. You should now see what the camera see on your mobile device. Using the touch screen on the mobile device you can change exposure, white balance, focus and shoot the photo.

iPad screen

If you don’t want to use Wi-fi to shoot photos you can use it to transfer photos that you taken with the camera to your mobile device and then upload them to Facebook email, etc. I’d love to hear how you might use this in your photography. You can watch the demo video HERE.

Special Note: Mark will be at the WPPI trade show in Las Vegas this week. If you’re at the show be sure to stop by the Pansonic booth and say “Hi!”

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Author: Joe Farace

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