Micro Four-thirds Monday: A Two Lens Hike

special guest post by Mark Toal

Here in Portland, Oregon, the weather is showing signs of an early spring so Jasmine and I decided to take a hike. If you’ve seen my images you know that I’m not much of an outdoor photographer unless I can take the photo from my car. I grabbed my Panasonic Lumix G5 and the two kit lenses, the 14-42mm f/3.5-5.6 (28-84mm equivalent) and the 45-150mm f/4.0-5.6. (90-300mm equivalent.)

Lumix 14-42mm lens

Since I’m not a nature photographer I thought I’d use the lenses to demonstrate how easily you can control depth-of-field using these two lenses. Normally you wouldn’t turn to a lens that has an f/4.0-5.6 aperture range to get that beautifully shallow depth-of-field that you’d want in a portrait but if you look at the photo of Jasmine you can see how I used the 45-150mm lens to get that look by zooming out to 90mm (180mm equivalent).

Lumix 45-150 lens

I wanted to get a photo that showed where we were hiking so I put on the 14-42mm and photographed Jasmine and the image of the river at 14mm (28mm equivalent) and 16mm (32mm equivalent) to make sure that I kept the background in focus.

Lumix 14-42mm lens

One rule I’ve always gone by is that if I’m trying to show a person then I zoom out and step back so the background is out of focus which make the subject pop out of the background. If I want to show the person in their environment then I shoot at wide angle to get maximum depth-of-field.

I hear people say that it’s difficult to achieve shallow depth of field using the Micro Four-thirds format because on it smaller sensor. I think this pretty much takes care of that myth.

© Mark Toal, self-portraitMark Toal works for Panasonic as a training representative in Portland, Oregon. His views on this blog are his own and do not represent Panasonic. You can see more of Mark’s photos on his photo blog at www.mtoal.wordpress.com or at www.mtoallumiximages.wordpress.com. Mark can be contacted at marktoalphotography@gmail.com

Author: Joe Farace

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