Micro Four-thirds – Fotodiox Light Cannon Adapter

Fotodiox Light CannonLast Monday I wrote about a unique product. the Fotodiox Light Cannon. Basically, it’s a Nikon to Micro Four-thirds lens adapter that promised not to change the focal length of the lens and to add a stop of light. I love products like this and immediately ordered one for $159.95. If it did what it claimed that would be a bargain. My 24mm Nikon f/2 lens would act like a 24mm f/1.4 lens on my MFT camera!

I’m not a professional reviewer and don’t like to criticize products, but this one is not ready for prime time as far as I’m concerned. Like all other Fotodiox product that I’ve used the build quality is very good but I could tell as soon as I looked through the lens that this was not what I expected. With the 24mm lens wide open, only the center of the image looked sharp, the edges were clearly soft. I thought it might be that particular Nikon lens so I tried my 1968 Nikon 50mm f/1.4 and fairly new Tokina 12—24 f/4lenses with no better results. When I stopped the lens down to about f/8 the quality greatly improved.

Fotodiox Light Cannon

I have other Fotodiox adapters and recommend them for converting Nikon and Canon lenses to MFT cameras. I have tried their LED lights and love the design and features. I’m just not sure that the Light Cannon doesn’t need to go back for a little more tweaking to get it right.

I don’t consider this an in-depth review of this adapter so if you are thinking about buying one please check online for other reviews.

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Author: Joe Farace

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