Micro Four-thirds Beats Other Mirrorless Cameras

Special Guest Post by Mark Toal

Last week Consumer Reports announced that the Panasonic Lumix GH3 beat all other mirrorless cameras in their latest tests. This is not only great news for Panasonic but also for Olympus since it shows that sensor size and megapixel count don’t matter as much as most people think. The GH3 was up against cameras with APS-C sized sensors like the Sony NEX and beat them.

Panasonic Lumix GH3The whole mirrorless or interchangeable lens compact category has only been around since 2008 when Panasonic and Olympus introduced the first Micro Four-thirds cameras. Early adopters like myself were saying that small mirrorless cameras are the future of cameras and we just may have been right.

The portrait of Kristen (at left) was made the first time I actually got my hands on a Lumix GH3. We were at a trade show in NY when the camera was announced. I took her over to the booth next to ours, which was a studio lighting company and shot this image handheld using the modeling light from a soft box.

Lumix GH3The image of the Peacock was shot at the zoo by my co-worker, Dean Delserro, with the GH3. Dean is fairly new to photography and took the GH3 and his kids to the zoo.

Oh, and did I mention that between Olympus, Panasonic and other manufacturers that there are now more than 35 lenses available for MFT cameras.

© Mark ToalMark Toal works for Panasonic as a training representative in Portland, Oregon. His views on this blog are his own and do not represent Panasonic. You can see more of Mark’s photos on his photo blog at www.mtoal.wordpress.com or at www.mtoallumiximages.wordpress.com. Mark can be contacted at marktoalphotography@gmail.com

Author: Joe Farace

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