Holiday Gift Guide: JOBY Camera Straps

Business Fridays goes on hiatus for 2013. In its place, I’ll be showing new products that you should find useful and could also make wonderful holiday gifts for yourself or a friend. Here are two new camera straps…

JOBYJOBY, those clever folks who produce the indispensable GorillaPod mini-tripod, introduced the Pro Sling Strap that uses a pulley system that dynamically adjusts, allowing you to keep a camera close to your body and then quickly move it to take a shot. This feature has two modes: a fast-cinch mode for instant deployment and a locked mode where photographers can run, hike or bike without placing their camera in harm’s way. For peace of mind, the Pro Sling comes with a camera tether. Using computer-controlled looms, JOBY created a custom textile for this strap that compresses to a tiny footprint but is still durable and supple. The JOBY Pro Sling Strap is available in S-L and L-XXL sizes and sells for $69.95

JOBY Convertible camera strapThe JOBY Convertible Neck Strap holds a digital SLR with an attached lens, a mirrorless camera and lens, or a pair of binoculars. It quickly detaches to become a wrist strap or carry handle. To convert the durable, non-scratch strap, simply take away the top part by unclasping the quick-release buckles at each side. Then, to use as a wrist strap, slide down the wrist-size adjustor on the right side and put your hand through the loop. You can also buckle the two remaining sides together to use the whole thing as a short carry handle on your camera. The JOBY Convertible Neck Strap sells for less than $30.

Author: Joe Farace

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