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It’s no big secret that best way to improve your photography is practice. Shoot every day or at least once a week so you can get to the point where you don’t have to think about how to operate your camera. You just use it to create images. Don’t worry about producing masterpieces every time you go out to shoot. AL.Glamourt.coverUse your camera as a sketchpad to explore possibilities and don’t be afraid of making mistakes. Sometimes these “sketches” will be successful, sometimes not, but always earn from your analysis of the images. As Yoda told Luke “There is no try, just do.”

Indoors, look for locations where the best light is found. While it seems obvious, many photographs are made in locations where the photographer or their subject decides to make it. This may work for outdoor locations but for indoor portraits you should place your subject where the light is best. Shoot the portrait using wide-open apertures to soften and blur the background and focus attention on your subject.

In my former home, my favorite place to shoot portraits is the kitchen. The walls were painted a soft white and a bay window provided North light that can be modulated by opening and closing mini-blinds in each window section. You may have a similar location in your home, and never thought a kitchen or other unlikely location would be a great place to make a portrait or two. Think about it now.

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Author: Joe Farace

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