About This Blog

One of this blog’s goal is to share what I’ve learned about photography over the years. Don’t expect to find rehashes of so-called news and rumors that appear on some other sites. This site is dedicated to the art of craft of making photographs and, along the way, I’ll mention some of the equipment used but…

joe.fiat…when I mention specific equipment or software it does not constitute a product endorsement. That’s because I’m not employed, under contract, or personally sponsored by any company. The ads at right go to directly support this site. Nobody pays me to write about their products.

Many of the illustrations you see in post on this blog were made using Canon, Olympus or Panasonic cameras because that’s what I own. All of these cameras and lenses were purchased with my own money. Some images that you see were made while testing equipment for Shutterbug or this blog and these are the only exceptions. You may be surprised to learn that after I finish a review, the equipment is returned to the manufacturer. There are no freebies, at least not for me.

In posts on this blog, when I offer a tip or mention a new camera, lens, or even an accessory like a camera strap, it’s an opinion but never the only way to make photographs. That’s because this is not a my way or the highway blog. You may prefer to use something else and the same goes for tips or techniques—everybody has their favorite way of doing things. What you read are just suggestions or idea I’m tossing out there. I’m not asking you to change anything you’re doing. That’s because my goal for my personal and professional photography has always been about having fun.

And that’s my goal for this blog too—have fun with your photography.